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Since 2011 I have regularly been performing around the country as a solo classical guitar act and as part of a duo, Tom and Ash (see below). As a solo act I have played weddings, festivals, parties etc, playing a mix of classical pieces, traditional Spanish music, jazz arrangements as well as my own compositions (see my showreel below). Contact me for more information regarding pricing, availability etc at



As a composer I have been mostly working on solo guitar pieces, and recently have finished recording an album, which you can listen to here.



I have several years experience in individual guitar tuition, teaching in a variety of styles (predominantly classical/Spanish style, but also rock and pop). I also have experience in group tuition, working with The Band Project in Chichester, as well as theory and composition tuition working as the tutor on the Harmony courses for ThinkSpace Education. I have also written a series of educational blogs for their website which you can check out here. If you are interested in guitar or composition/theory lessons, please feel free to contact me for more information.

Founded in 2011 with fellow university graduate Ashley Nicholls, together we’ve played literally hundreds of gigs all around the country. We play a rich and diverse variety of music, ranging from classical to jazz, fusion to flamenco style Spanish music and anything in between, with a repertoire suitable for literally any occasion, being able to play weddings, restaurants and bars, folk clubs etc (we’ve even played the occasional metal festival).

Tom and Ash

Acoustic Guitar Duo

Grand Central, Worthing
Arundel Festival 2012

For more information on Tom and Ash visit our website here, or visit our Facebook page here.

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